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Python Programming

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Python Programming


Learn Python programming language, one of the best and most sought after skill in the software industry. Python is used in many cutting edge technologies like AI/ML, IoT, Web and Game development. Learning Python will open doors for endless technology learning and fun.

The program is designed to make kids really proficient in fundamentals of Python programming by adopting Learn-by-Doing approach. Kids will learn concepts live from expert instructor and practice the concepts learned in live mentor guided practice sessions. 

Students with no programming knowledge can join this course. They will learn the fundamental of programming along with language features. During the course they will get to build games and small applications along with many assignments to build strong programming foundation.

Activities planned for the camp: 2 days a week, 2 hours a day kids will undergo Concept sessions followed by Practice sessions. Course will cover all the fundamentals of coding in Python like variables, statements, blocks, primitive and non primitive data types, operators, if-elif-else statements, loops, functions & game development. Course is packed with building interesting programs like number guessing game, finding whether number is a prime number or not, space invader game, building bank project and more. Students will have fun all the way during their learning journey and will also get to participate in the quaterly Python coding competition to showcase their coding prowess.

Key Takeaways

  • Sky rocket our Python skills from beginner to advance
  • Master main building blocks of coding in Python
  • Build interesting apps and games
  • Two capstone projects to showcase your Python coding skill
  • Learn online from the best instructors
  • Participate in hackathon & win prizes
  • Enhance your Problem Solving, Logic Building, Project Building & Mathematical skills


Why should you learn Python Programming?

Learning coding is an essential skill and it’s as important as learning science and maths in school. Learning Python will build foundation for learning advance technologies like web development, artificial intelligence, ethical hacking and game development.

Who can learn?

Course curriculum is designed for absolute beginners in Python. If you have some familiarity with Python programming then also you can join this course to build strong programming skill by learning Python in a very structured way from industry experts.

What are the other items required to learn?

You will need is a computer and internet connection so that you can connect to live online classes and do hands on coding during the class and solve practice assignments.

How many hours will this keep me engaged?

Camp duration is 4 months with 4 hours of lectures and 4 hours of lab every week. As part of the course you will be building two projects (an application and a game) to demonstrate your understanding of the topics. After successful evaluation of your projects you will be awarded the certificate.

You will also get opportunity to participate in Python Hackathons and showcase your talent.

What if I miss a class?

Since it will be a live instructor led session, missing a class is not advisable. However we will record the lecture sessions and we will provide you with the recording. Note that Lab sessions will not be recorded.

Class 1 - Introduction to Python Programming

Class 2 - Basic Programs to swap numbers, simple calculator, print, read user input

Class 3 - Variables, Statements & Blocks

Class 4 - Flow of Control - If-elif-else statements

Class 5 - Data types, Integers, Float, Strings, Boolean, None type

Class 6 - Collection Basics, Operators

Class 7 - Flow of Control - While Loop

Class 8 - Flow of Control - For Loop

Class 9 - Functions, File I/O, Project 1 Kickoff - Building Banking Application

Class 10 - List, Tuple, Dictionary, Set, Strings Opertions

Class 11 - Game Development - Build Catch The Block game, Project 2 Kickoff - Build Game of your choice

Class 12 - Project 1 - Building Banking Application, Game Development - Alien Invasion



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Very well structured course and nicely executed course. Assignments, project work made my my concepts pretty clear. Thank you sir!

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Durations: 3 Months Total Hours: 24+ Lectures: 1 Hours / Week Labs: 1 Hours / Week Age Group: 8-12 Years Skill Level: Beginner

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