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Pygame game optimization

Pygame a cool Python module to build awesome games that's interesting to play and easy to build. Pygame limited by Python interpreters speed is suited for 2D games and works prett…

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Build MP3 Player using Python

Code snippets to build MP3 player featues:

1. How to play a song?
A. There are a few options available in Python to play song but the best is mixer that comes with Pygame.

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Play mp3 audio file using Python

1. Python module "playsound"

Its a great module to play sound files. Its cross platform that means it works on Windows, Mac as well as Linux.

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Infix expression with minimum parentheses

Infix, prefix and postfix are three different but equivalent ways of writing an arithmetic expressions. These expressions represent same BXT (Binary Expression Tree) while travers…

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Working with Date with SQLite and Python

SQLite does not have datatypes to store date or time. Instead it provides builtin functions that are capable of storing dates and times as TEXT, REAL or INTEGER values.

Using SSH key with Github

Beginning August 13, 2021, no longer accepts account passwords when authenticating Git operations.

One of the allowed ways for authenticating Git operations is through using SSH…

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