Internet of Things (IoT)

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Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly growing field that combines various technologies to create smart, connected devices. An IoT course can be both interesting and useful for students as it can help them understand how to build and program these devices, as well as analyze and interpret the data they collect.

In this course the students will learn about what is IoT and how to interface different peripherals with microcontroller. They will also learn about various communication technologies like WiFi, BLE etc, and also learn how to create webapp and mobile app with MIT app inventor. The students will learn to create an IoT gateway and then be introduced to different cloud platforms. Then they will build two applications related to smart city and home automation. The learning will also have lab sessions with interactive assignments

    • 1 - Introduction 
      i. What is IoT and how it works
      ii. Hardware - Arduino,ESP8266,ESP32 ,Raspberry Pi
      iii. Software - Platform IO , Installation and basics of Arduino programming
      iv. Unboxing the kit 

      2 - Interfacing peripherals with ESP32
      i. External LED and Push Button
      ii. Displaying text on I2C LCD 
      iii. Using LDR to read analog values
      iv. Reading the PIR sensor value
      v. Automatic Street Light system

      3 - Wireless communication Technologies in IoT
      i. Description of various communication technologies
      ii. Using nRF24 module
      iii. Using BLE

      4- Controlling Devices with WebApp and Android Mobile App 
      i. Building WebApp
      ii. Building MobileApp

      5- Creating a custom gateway with ESP32 and nRF24
      i. What is an IoT gateway
      ii. Gateway with ESP32 and nRF24 module

      6- Cloud Platforms and higher level communication protocols
      i. Cloud Platform for IoT
      ii. Thingspeak,Ubidots,Blynk
      iii. HTTP, MQTT, CoAP

      7- Air Quality Monitoring
      i. What is smart city
      ii. Air Quality Monitoring

      8-Motion detection and alert with IFTTT
      i. What is Home Automation
      ii. Email alert based on motion detection


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