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Entrepreneurship Skill Development

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Entrepreneurship Skill Development

This program is an amazing opportunity for kids to get exposure to topics like Creativity & Idea Generation, Market Research, Business Model, Finances, Selling & Marketing and much more. These are the essential skills to turn dream into reality.

Lesson 1 : Introduction to Entrepreneurship (2 hrs)

  • Students will be introduced to the concept of entrepreneurship 
  • Mindset & Skills of good entrepreneurs
  • Examples of student entrepreneurs (videos)
  • Activity (Marshmallow challenge) 

Lesson 2 : Creativity + Idea generation (2 hrs)

  • Students creativity will be unlocked with a series of activities ( we will also have small creative exercises at the beginning of each class)
  • Activities : Whacky inventions, squiggle birds, Play stations, Observation
  • Ways of coming up with business ideas
  • How to find problems to solve
  • Business idea activities – Brainstorming, Scenario simulation,

Lesson 3 : Opportunity Analysis (2 hrs)

  • After students have thought about various business ideas they would like to pursue, we will finalize one idea they can work on
  • Opportunity Analysis to finalize business idea
  • Activities : Learning from failure, Opportunity analysis for an existing product.

Lesson 4 – Market Research (2 hrs)

  • What is market research
  • How to conduct market research
  • Activities : Describing a market, Market research methods, Secondary & Primary research.

Lesson 5- Market research (continued) (2 hrs)

  • Focus on primary & secondary research for your own product. 
  • Forming a questionnaire for primary research
  • Doing secondary research

Lesson 6 – Design Thinking & Prototyping (2 hrs)

  • Once students have validated that their idea is business worthy, they will dive deeper by building prototypes
  • What is design thinking & prototyping (videos)
  • Activities : Straw activity, Think build ask

Lesson 7 – Prototyping continued (2 hrs)

  • Students build prototypes for their own products/ services and then test it among their friends & gather feedback

Lesson 8 – Business Model (2 hrs)

  • What is a business model
  • Building your business model : Problem solved, value proposition, revenue streams
  • Activities : Case studies of business models.
  • Build your own business model 

Lesson 9 – Business Model continued + Intro to Business Finance (2 hrs)

  • What is business finance
  • What is revenue, cost (variable & fixed), break even
  • Simplistic way of calculating break even
  • Write down the cost & revenue streams for your business and how you will make money

Lesson 10 –  Selling & Marketing (2 hrs)

  • The art of selling (activity : sell me this)
  • The art of persuasion ( Students analyze commercials to identify persuasive techniques)
  • Marketing : channels of marketing.
  • Create your own marketing plan 

Lesson 11- Pitch Deck (2 hrs)

  • What is a pitch
  • How to make a pitch deck
  • Make your own pitch deck (handouts)

Lesson 12- Pitch Day (1.5-2 hrs)

  • All students pitch their businesses to their peers and receive feedback



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Durations: 2 Months Total Hours: 16+ Lectures: 2 Hours / Week Age Group: 13-18 Years Skill Level: Beginner