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Python for Juniors

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Python for Juniors


Learn Python programming language, one of the most sought after skill in the software world. Python is used in many cutting edge technologies like AI/ML, IoT, Web and Game development, server side scripting and automation. Learning Python will open doors for endless technology learning and fun.

Lectures will be taken by expereinced teacher from industry with knowledge of building large scale software systems so that students learn the concepts in effective manner and can also relate them to the big picture.

Lab sessions are conducted in small groups under guidance of a mentor who provides personal attention to each student. Mentor ensures that students are clear with the concepts and handhold incase any student faces any difficulty in concept understanding or doing while doing assignments.

This is beginner Python course. Students with little or no programming knowledge can join this course.

They will learn the fundamental of programming along with language features. During the course students will get to build numerous programs, basic software applications and games. This course will build strong foundation of coding in students.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn fundamentals of Programming
  • Become Proficient with Python fundamentals
  • Game & Application Development, Problem Solving, Logic Building, Project Building


Why should you learn Python Programming?

Learning coding is an essential skill and it’s as important as learning science and maths in school. Learning Python will build foundation for learning advance technologies like web development, artificial intelligence, ethical hacking and game development.

Who can learn?

Course curriculum is designed for absolute beginners in Python. If you have some familiarity with Python programming then also you can join this course to build strong programming skill by learning Python in a very structured way from industry experts.

What are the other items required to learn?

You will need is a computer and internet connection so that you can connect to live online classes and do hands on coding during the class and solve practice assignments.

What if I miss a class?

Since it will be a live instructor led session, missing a class is not advisable. However we will record the lecture sessions and we will provide you with the recording. Note that Lab sessions will not be recorded.

  • Class 1 - Introduction to Python Programming
  • Class 2 - Python Internals, Useful Tools, Variables, Statements & Blocks
  • Class 3 - Flow of Control - If statements, Data types, Collection Basics , Numbers, Boolean, Strings, None type
  • Class 4 - Flow of Control - While Loop
  • Class 5 - Flow of Control - For Loop
  • Class 6 - Functions, Operators, File I/O, Project 1: Penny Bank - Kick Off
  • Class 7 - Building Project 1: Penny Bank
  • Class 8 - Game Development, Project 2: Game Development (Self - Project)



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Durations: 2 Months Total Hours: 24+ Lectures: 2 Hours / Week Labs: 2 Hours / Week Age Group: 8-12 Years Skill Level: Beginner

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