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Adv Python For Juniors

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Adv Python For Juniors

Why should you learn Python Programming?

Learning programming is essential skill. It’s as necessary a skill as science and maths to excel in 21st century. Learning Python will lay the foundation for learning higher technologies like web development, artificial intelligence, ethical hacking and game development. Investment in learning Python will be one of the best investment for future.

Who can learn?

This is advance python course. It’s expected that students know Python programming fundamentals. They are comfortable with variables, datatypes, if-elif-else, loops, functions, file I/O and comfortable with creating small projects and/or games. If not then we recommend you to take up “Python for Juniors” course first.

Key Takeaways

  • Master Python programming by learning advance concepts
  • Build complex applications using advance algorithms
  • GUI programming to build Desktop UI, database connectivity to create persistent systems, advance collections and data structures
  • Build Hangman Game & your own MP3 player to make it sing on your own tune
  • Lots of practice material and take home assignments

What are the other items required to learn with this kit?

You will need is a computer and internet connection so that you can connect to live online classes and do hands on coding during the class and solve practice assignments.

How many hours will this keep me engaged?

Class duration would be 24hr and practice assignments will keep students engaged for another 75 hours to master Python programming. As part of course we will be building two projects Hangman/Flappy Bird game & MP3 player. After successful evaluation of your project you will be awarded the certificate.

After the course students will also get chance to participate in the Hackathon / Coding competition and show their coding talent.

Learning Python will open doors for you for endless technology learning and fun.

What if I miss a class?

Since it will be a live instructor led session, missing a class is not advisable. However concept videos will be provided for self study on makebotics platform.

Class 1 - Python refresher, Operators

Class 2 Collection - Tuples

Class 3 Collection - List

Class 4 Collection - Dictionary

Class 5 Collection - Set

Class 6 Software Design and Best Practices

Class 7 Error and Exception Handling, Debugging

Class 8 Capstone project 1 - Building Hangman Game

Class 9 GUI programming

Class 10 SQLite Database

Class 11 Integrating GUI with DB

Class 12 Capstone project 2 - Building MP3 Player



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Durations: 2 Months Total Hours: 16+ Lectures: 2 Hours / Week Labs: 2 Hours / Week Age Group: 8-12 Years Skill Level: Advanced

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