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AP Computer Science A: Java Programming

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AP Computer Science A: Java Programming

AP Computer Science A certification exam tests your programming language proficiency in Java. This certification is highly recognised by the top university of the world and is highly recommended to the student aiming at studying computer science or related program in their under grad program.

This course will cover all the concepts around Java Object Oriented Programming and requirements for AP CS A certification exam.

Along with 24 hours of lectures there are 24 hours of lab sessions for students to practice and master concepts of Java Object Oriented Programming and exam specific material.

Aim of this course is not only to prepare the students well for the certification exam but also to build strong foundation of Java Object Oriented programming in them.

Instructor of this course is Sun Certified Java Professional with more than decades of software industry experience. 

Note: Fee for the AP CS A exam is additional and has to be paid to College Board at the time of exam registration.

Chapter 1. Introductory Java Language Features

Chapter 2. Classes and Objects

Chapter 3. Inheritance and Polymorphism

Chapter 4. Some Standard Classes

Chapter 5. Program Design and Analysis

Chapter 6. Arrays and Array Lists

Chapter 7. Recursion

Chapter 8. Sorting and Searching

Chapter 9. The AP Computer Science A Labs

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Well structured course with clear concepts and lots of assignments to practice.

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Durations: 3 Months Total Hours: 48+ Lectures: 2 Hours / Week Labs: 2 Hours / Week Age Group: 14-18 Years Skill Level: Intermediate

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