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Advanced Sensors

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Advanced Sensors

This is an advanced course following the Bot programming course which is based on the Arduino programming.

Interfacing techniques form an important part in robotics or in any electronic product.

In this course, Students learn to  

  • Interface various sensor modules 
  • Advance Embedded programming skills. 
  • Develop Embedded System Application with the help of various sensors.
  • Students will build Soil Moisture measuring devices, distance meter, RFID Attendance systems, Temperature monitor and many more exciting projects. Along with classroom sessions they will also get many assignments for them to practice at home to build strong programming skills.


Class 1

Distance meter

Class 2

Soil Moisture Measuring meter

Class 3

Temperature Monitor 

Class 4

Wireless Remote with IR Receiver

Class 5

Motion Detection Alarm

Class 6

Magnetic Field Detection with Hall Sensor

Class 7

Smart Attendance System using RFID

Class 8

Working with Relay



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Durations: 2 Months Total Hours: 24+ Lectures: 1 Hours / Week Labs: 1 Hours / Week Age Group: 12-18 Years Skill Level: Advance

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