Summer Camp Details

Autonomous Robot Camp (Online)

Autonomous Robot Camp (Online)

Summer Camp Details [2 Weeks (Mon - Fri)]

  • Discover the thrilling world of robot coding! Learn how to program intelligent robots using Arduino and C programming, and bring your robots to life.
  • With not more than 5 students in a batch, every student will get personal attention and support from the instructors highly effective and engaging learning.
  • With complete hands-on experience, you'll complete 10 mini and 2 mega projects that will push your skills to new heights.
  • Compete in RoboHacks 2024 and be recognised as tech star.

20+ Hours of Learning

This summer camp spans over 20 hours of learning ONLINE live with instructor. Its designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the subject. As an added bonus, students will also have access to digital content on the Roboprenr platform, which will enable them to continue their learning journey beyond the classroom. The platform includes a wealth of resources, such as course materials, numerous assignments, quizzes, and other activities, that students can use to reinforce their understanding and achieve self-mastery of the topics covered in the camp.

Online Camp

This camp will take place online allowing students to learn from home and fully engage with the curriculum and benefit from the immersive experience.

Learning Material

All the material required for learning i.e. Autonomous Robot kit will be shipped to student's place and its for student to keep. Additionally student will be given digital platform access for learning material, assignments and the quizzes so that student can continue to learn after the summer camp as well.


Certificate will be issued after the completion of course and submission of the capstone project video by the student.

Here are the guidelines for effective online classes:

  • Ensure that your camera and microphone are in working condition and turned on during the class.
  • Make sure your face is clearly visible on camera.
  • Use a laptop or desktop computer to attend the classes. Joining the class using phone of tablet is not permitted for Python Programming online summer camp.
  • Stay focused and participate fully in the class.
  • Do not run any other programs, games, or YouTube during the class.
  • Take the classes in a closed room with no distractions or noise that may disturb you or other participants.
  • Take the class alone with no one else present in the room.
  • Avoid missing any class unless it is absolutely unavoidable.
  • Complete all assignments and projects on time.

PS: Not following the guidelines may lead to disqualification from the classes.

Arduino Autonomous Robot

Day 1 - Introduction to Microcontroller, Introduction to C programming
Day 2 - Controlling an LED, Reading a sensor input
Day 3 - Controlling a motor, Sensor based motor control
Day 4 - Pulse width modulation, Liquid crystal display
Day 5 - Robot assembly, Basic robot movement
Day 6 - Sensor based robot movement, Obstacle avoider robot
Day 7 - Light follower robot, Wall follower robot
Day 8 - Pit avoider robot, Line follower robot
Day 9 - Introduction to serial communication, Computer controlled robot
Day 10 - Capstone project. Build an innovative robot that solves a real life problem and demonstrate your learning from this course.

Your grade on the certificate will depend on the quality and usefulness of the project.

Camp Price

27000 16700

Summer Camp Offer (Includes Kit)

Durations: 2 Weeks Total Hours: 20+ Batch Size: Max 5 Age Group: 13-18 Years Skill Level: Intermediate

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