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Internet of Things (Advanced)

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Internet of Things (Advanced)

In this course, students will learn have brief introduction to basics. They will learn to use the ESP32 cam and build an IoT based home security system. The students will then be introduced to higher level communication protocols. Then they will be introduced to AWS IoT platform which is used for many industrial applications. They will learn how to use the various services in AWS IoT like SNS, AWS Glue, Dynamo Database. Then they will learn how to create a Lambda function with which they will be able to create their own custom services. The learning will be hands on with assignments.  

1 - Introduction 
i. What is IoT and how it works
ii. Hardware - Arduino,ESP8266,ESP32 ,Raspberry Pi
iii. Working with ESP32 CAM module
iv. Software - Platform IO , Installation and basics of Arduino programming
v. Unboxing the kit 

2 - Interfacing peripherals with ESP32 
i. External LED with Push Button
ii. Displaying LED status on LCD
iii. Distance alert system

3 - Introduction to cloud platforms and home security
i. Cloud Platform for IoT
ii. Thingspeak,Cayenne
iii. Face recognition based security system with ESP32 camera using Cayenne

4- Higher level protocols and introduction to AWS IoT
i. Communication protocols in IoT (HTTP, MQTT, CoAP)
ii. Introduction to AWS IoT & Setting up free tier AWS IoT and testing
iii. Sending data to AwS using HTTP and MQTT

5- SNS and medical application
i. SNS Push Notifications
ii. Heart rate monitoring system with SNS

6- Storage Bucket, Dynamo DataBase and AWS Glue
i. S3 and data objects 
ii. Using AWS pipeline to move data from DynamoDB to S3
iii. Using AWS glue to crawl data

7- Data Analytics and Lambda functions
i. AWS quicksight for data analytics and visualisations
ii. Cloud watch log in Lambda
iii. IoT publisher from Lambda

8- Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
i. Introduction
ii. Comparison between IoT and IIoT
iii. Future of IIoT




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Durations: 2 months Total Hours: 16+ Lectures: 2 Hours / Week Labs: 2 Hours / Week Age Group: 18-25 Years Skill Level: Intermediate

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