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Level 1

Python Beginner to Master

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Key Takeaways:

  • Master the most-popular programming language by learning from Expert IT Professional
  • Get ready for the Job Market with Real-Time Learning & Expert Assistance
  • Build a base for learning AI/ML & Web development
  • 3 Capstone projects, numerous assignments to master the concepts

Course Description:

  • Fundamental Constructs of Python Programming
  • Control Flow, Strings, & Collections
  • File Handling, Scope, Lambda, Map, Reduce
  • GUI development, SQLite, MySQL
  • Higher Order Function, Curried Function, Recursion
  • Master Object Oriented Programming, Generators, Generators

Who can learn?

Course curriculum is designed for beginners in Python. If you have some familiarity with Python or other programming language then your knowledge will come handy in mastering Python in a structured way. 

What are the other items required to learn?

You will need is a computer and internet connection so that you can connect to live online classes and do hands on coding during the class and solve practice assignments.

What if I miss a class?

Since the course has live instructor led session, missing a class is not advisable. However concept videos will be provide as part of the course content on Roboprenr platform.

Class 1 - Introduction, Python Internals, Useful Tools, Variables & Blocks
Class 2 - Flow of Control - If statement, Data Types, Collections, String, None
Class 3 - Flow of Control - While Loop, For Loop, Break, Continue, Else
Class 4 - Functions, Operators, Exception Handling, File I/O, Capstone Project 1 Kickoff
Class 5 - Collections deep dive, Project 1 - Building Banking Application 
Class 6 - Function Advance, Scope and lifetime, Lambda, Map, Reduce, Filter
Class 7 - GUI, DB, SQLite, MySQL, Integration with GUI, Capstone Project 2 Kickoff
Class 8 - Project 2 - Building MP3 Player
Class 9 - Higher Order Function, Curried Function, Recursion
Class 10 - Object Oriented Programming, Inheritance & Polymorphism, Encapsulation
Class 11 - Class & Static methods, Abstract Class, Interface, Capstone Project 3 Kickoff
Class 12 - Generators and Coroutines, Decorators, Project 3 - Building Quiz Master App



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Durations: 12 Weeks Total Hours: 48+ Lectures: 2 Hours / Week Labs: 2 Hours / Week Age Group: 15-25 Years Skill Level: Beginner

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