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Learn-To-Code Scratch Game Dev Summer Camp

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Summer Camp: Get your kid started with coding in this fun filled and highly effective super camp. The program is designed to make kids understand the fundamentals of Scratch coding language and Game development through Learn-by-Doing approach. Kids will learn concepts live from expert instructor and practice the concepts by creating interesting games in live mentor guided practice sessions. 

Activities planned for the camp: Camp will be conducted 4 days a week, 2 hours a day for 3 weeks where kids will undergo Concept sessions followed by Practice sessions. Camp will cover all the fundamentals of coding using Scratch like variables, blocks, if conditions, loops, animations, transitions, sound effects & game development aspects. Camp is packed with interesting activities like building witch shooter, flappy bird, unmade, race-car, room escape, quizzes assignments and more. Kids will also be introduced with concepts on Vex VR, AI and Machine Learning. Campers will have fun all the way during their coding learning journey during the summer camp.

Key Takeaways:

  • Get started with coding, the super skill of future
  • Learn fundamental building blocks of coding using scratch
  • Improve creative thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving, and collaboration skills
  • Learn to develop interactive stories, games, and animations



The module is organized into the following chapters.

Day 1. Introduction to scratch

Day 2. Let's party

Day 3. Hide and seek game

Day 4. Witch shooter game

Day 5. Flappy bird game

Day 6. Maze game

Day 7. Racing game

Day 8. Room escape

Day 9. Introduction to Vex VR

Day 10. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Day 11. Self driving car using Artificial Intelligence

Day 12. Introduction to machine learning



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Durations: 3 Weeks Total Hours: 24+ Lectures: 4 Hours / Week Labs: 4 Hours / Week Age Group: 8-12 Years Skill Level: Beginner

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