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Level 7

Adv Python For Seniors

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Key Takeaways

  • Master Python programming by learning advance concepts
  • Build complex applications using advance algorithms
  • Advance functions, GUI programming to build Desktop UI, database connectivity to create persistent systems, Recursion
  • Learn regular expression and build Chatbot
  • Build Bookstore DB driven App & your own MP3 player to make it sing on your own tune
  • Lots of practice material, take home assignments and two projects

Learning Methodology:

  • Lectures will be taken by experienced teacher from industry who have knowledge of building large-scale software systems.
  • Lab sessions will be conducted in small groups under guidance of a mentor with personal attention to each student. Mentor will ensure concept clarity and will hand hold incase any student faces any difficulty in concept understanding or during hands-on.

Why should you learn Advance Python Programming? 

Coding is a very powerful tool that can solve many complex problems. Python has vast applications in various fields and industries. Learning Advance Python will take your ability to next level to build more useful applications using rich and complex features.

Who can learn?

This is advance python course. It’s expected that students know Python programming fundamentals. They must be comfortable with variables, datatypes, if-elif-else, loops, functions, file I/O, collections list, tuples, dictionary and are comfortable with creating small projects. If not then we recommend you to take up “Python for Seniors” course first.

What are the other items required to learn?

You will need is a computer and internet connection so that you can connect to live online classes and do hands on coding during the class and solve practice assignments.

What if I miss a class?

Since it will be a live instructor led session, missing a class is not advisable. However we will record the lecture sessions and we will provide you with the recording. Note that Lab sessions will not be recorded.

Class 1: Python Refresher, Function Advance, Scope and lifetime of variables
Class 2: Lambda, Map, Reduce, Filter
Class 3: Software Design and Best Practices, Exception Handling, Debugging
Class 4: GUI programming, SQLite
Project 1: Build a Bookstore App
Class 5: Integrating GUI with DB, MySQL
Class 6: Recursion, Higher Order Function, Curried Function, Closure
Class 7: Regular Expression, Chatbot, NLTK
Class 8: Desktop App Development - Building MP3 Player
Project 2 - Build a desktop app with database - Quiz Master app



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Aksh Agarwal


I learnt so many new concepts in this course. Topics like recursion, higher order function, closure, are complex topic but were explained by sir in great detail. After completing all the assignments I was confident on those topics as well.

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Durations: 8 Weeks Total Hours: 32+ Lectures: 2 Hours / Week Labs: 2 Hours / Week Age Group: 13-18 Years Skill Level: Advanced

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